Because of You a Youth can Succeed

Being a caseworker, you are familiar with the statistics of our youth once they emancipate out the system. As we work to change these statistics, we know that the work caseworkers provide will serve as the foundation of our youths’ success. As you begin to help plan your youth’s steps, remember these three things.

ACT: Making sure that your youth is prepared to take the ACT test. The ideal time for a youth to take the test should be at the beginning of their junior year. Most colleges require that a student has taken the ACT, which is a national college admissions examination that consists of subject area tests in
English, Mathematics, Reading and Science.

College Visits: Did you know that most colleges have College Visitations Days? This is a great opportunity to give youth exposure to college campuses. Usually these days are done in early fall or early spring each year. You can check the college website for exact dates.

FAFSA: By the time your student is a senior in high school, one of the things that must be completed is their FAFSA. Students can begin to fill out their FAFSA starting January of their senior year.